Eyes of Manred

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File:Right eye of Manred.jpg
The Right Eye of Manred, kept in maximum security in the Keidas Bank of Neudenaald.

The Eyes of Manred are an artifact of the Borostím religion. Currently, only the location of the Right Eye of Manred is known, while the location of the Left Eye of Manred remains a mystery.

According to legend, only a spellcaster of remarkable talent can unlock the powers of the Eyes. In the hands of such an individual, a user of the Right Eye is said to be able to see any point of the present, while the Left Eye is able to see any moment of the past. With the powers of both Eyes combined, a user is able to see any point of the future.

The origin of the Eyes is unknown. According to Borostím tradition, they were plucked from the face of Manred, Lord of the Abyss, by their legendary monarch Tavres Ilsím. The veracity of this account is questionable, but it is generally agreed that King Ilsím was the first person to be known to use the Eyes.

Tradition holds that the Left Eye was gifted by Ilsím to Orothost the Holy, his Knight and Captain, while Ilsím himself kept the Right Eye. For thousands of years, the Right Eye was passed on from generation to generation among the Borostím, but nobody has since been able to utilize it. Meanwhile, the location of the Left Eye has been lost to time.

After the Dwaerkar ascendancy, the Right Eye was acquired by the theologians of Kel. However, nobody has been able to extract any information of the artifact, and it has since been kept in a maximum security box in the Grand Bank.

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The Right Eye was carefully studied by the theologians and the scholars of Ouwestad and Neudenaald.

It possesses a cyan color, and emits a vibrant glow of the same color.

The Right Eye is believed to be indestructible. Even the hardest equipment failed to even scratch or dent its surface. The composition of the artifact is unknown, and it is unrelated to any known minerals.

Restricted[edit | edit source]

The Eyes of Manred are universally recognized by Scholars of the Abyss as being fundamentally and intrinsically related to the Abyss, and are believed to have surged from it.