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Fearlings[edit | edit source]

Most of life is terror, pain and horror. Because of this terror and fear are a prominent force congealing and saturating much of the natural world. The terror of insects, birds, rats and all the prey and hunters of the world sometimes seep and soak into singular masses of spirit. These forces of terror are known as fearlings. They are defined by, motivated by and understand only fear and terror. They are absolutely afraid, they react by trying to inspire total terror or destruction in all that they encounter. When they are small and weak a fearling is tiny, as they age and survive they grow and grow ever more fearful and physically imposing. They gain powers related to their fears and the "threats" they encounter. Fearlings are in a near constant state of anxiety, when not in outright panic. They alternate between a restful catatonia of paralyzed terror, blind panicked flight and frenzied terror filled violence. Fearlings cannot be appeased per say but they can be placated to not recognizing something as a threat if great care is taken. The exact powers and appearance of a fearling are defined by precisely what fears contributed to its creation and what threats they have since encountered as they constantly strive to satisfy their endless terror with growth.

Tarrasques are the Fearlings that grows mountainous in its power and size.

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