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Feirridro mirrors the dour attitude of the Taeleni; cold, dark and quite unwelcoming. The architecture of the Natelevarians is present in abundance there, and even seven millennia after it was built remains impressive and immense to anyone that enters its gates. That being said, on a rare occasion a bright summer's day shines on the valley, then you can see the ancient magnificence of it all. It is labyrinthine and overwhelming, but incredible nonetheless.
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Feirridro is the largest and capital city of the country of Taelen. Seated within the Serpent's Maw Fjord of northern Natelar, Feirridro is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Telamon, having been established in the mid-First Era. The city is one of the most significant coastal settlements on Natelar and houses some of Telamon's largest ports. The city is also one of Telamon's centres of the education of magic and is known for the Lighthouse of Feirridro, the tallest structure in western Telamon.

History[edit | edit source]

Feirridro was established during the mid 27th century of the First Era; there is no clear date on the exact founding of the city, although Aurelian accounts of naval transport describe their arrival to Feirridro around 7,300 years ago. Feirridro has been subject to countless naval sieges over the course of time, and due to the geographic advantage of the city in Taelen, has never fallen to naval assault. Arguably the most important magical body in western Telamon, the College of Feirridro, was established in 566 3E.

The beginning of the Natelevarian Civil War in 2014 3E saw Feirridro as the location of mass executions of Taeleni magisters amid panic of magical legislation. The College of Feirridro became a focal point of a siege by Dalmiric separatists - though naval routes and roads over the mountains were blocked and contested over, the mages of Ferrirdro rendered the city impenetrable to the Dalmiric men. Since the end of the Civil War and the establishment of Taelen in 2040 3E, Feirridro has been its capital.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Feirridro is a city of over 528,000 inhabitants of Taeleni, Dalmiric and Thalgrim ethnicity among several other humanoid folk that are indigenous of Natelar and Aurelia. Built within the valleys of the Serpent's Maw Fjord, Feirridro is subject to cold weather for much of the year, and historically, Feirridro's winters have frozen the waters of the fjord solid, and often, winters in Feirridro are spent indoors. As the city encircles the core of the fjord, Feirridro is both wide and vertical - much of the streets of the city are narrow and the architecture of the less significant buildings are minimal. There are approximately two thousand sets of staircases that enable vertical movement around Feirridro.

The city is split into a number of districts based on commercial trade, although markets in Feirridro appear to be ubiquitous. The largest district is by far the College of Feirridro - the College is a renovation of the former citadel and is walled in near the shores of the city. The Lighthouse of Ferrirdro, Taelen's tallest structure at 449 metres (or 1,474 feet) overlooks the city and can be seen from each district. As it is an extension of the citadel, it has been part of the College for over two millennia and is operated by the College's staff. The citadel exhibits some of the most ornate Natelevarian architecture on Telamon. Neighbouring districts include Feirridro's Temple dedicated to Nalashtannylor, and is regarded by many to be one of his patron cities.

Though unnoticed by tourists, Feirridro is home to a deep network of cisterns that harness underground sources of water shaped by the mountains that wall Feirridro in. These are home to much of the dwarven populace of the city and some of its more peripheral areas are home to the enigmatic Soul Market - a clandestine network of dark and magical trade that is secretly funded and protected by the College. As the College inhabits the centre of the city, the political centre of Taelen is located on the higher slops of the Serpent's Maw Fjord, which was once originally part of the watchtowers of the ancient city. These watchtowers also delve deep into the underground cisterns.

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