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Feral Dragon[edit | edit source]

When hatched in the proximity of or raised by animals, Dragons take on significantly different traits then their human reared counterparts. Each species and circumstance can generate an entirely different form of dragon with highly distinct morphological and behavioral differences.

Dragon Rabbits[edit | edit source]

See Dragon Rabbits.

Dragon Eggs which find themselves in the warrens of rabbits for example are prone to a more vegetarian diet, digging burrows and at least initially in their life a panicked flight at any sign of danger. However as the wyrmling matures their territoriality and desire for gold, copper and silver will shape and amend the initial learned behaviors of their parents.

The only real limit on what species a Wyrmling will imprint on is that of size. There are to date no cases of a wyrmling imprinting on anything smaller than half its own size at hatching.

It is notable that completely orphaned dragons without a parent species to adapt too are extremely dull witted (when they survive at all) and usually stunted in size compared to any other example of the species. They either starve to death shortly after hatching or graze indiscriminately on all matter available.

It is notable that such orphans have never been shown to successfully produce a clutch of eggs.

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