Fire Drakes (Firmament)

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Template:Creature Fire drakes are one of the many species of drake, found across the plateaus and hills of the eastern continent. These brutish creatures are well known for their violence, foul disposition and demanding attitude.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fire drakes, like others of their degenerate kind, are four-limbed lesser dragons. They have red to yellow-colored, with iron-hard scales, long tails and leathery wings, and large horns pointing backwards from their heads.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Fire drakes are believed to be distant cousins of the great red dragons, though the latter shun them for their lack of intelligence and power. They possess a naturally aggressive demeanor, seeing other species (particularly humanoids) as little more than food, and generally hunt them down without hesitation. Fire drakes can be found in most temperate regions across the eastern landmass, but are most common in the regions of Eryliana and Aynach. While sapient, fire drakes are generally content to simply indulge in violence and destruction as opposed to any attempt at sophistication, and as they only speak and understand the draconic tongue, reasoning with them is typically impossible.

Society[edit | edit source]

A pack of fire drakes is called a rampage, which is typically made of about ten individuals. These groups are typically made up of a single sex, with males and females only coming together to mate once per year. While rampages generally work together to hunt down prey, the individuals usually fight over the spoils, with the largest and strongest of the pack serving as the leader.

Some fire drakes of Eryliana allowed themselves to be tamed by the elves of the region through many years of effort, and while still dangerous and prone to rage, these drakes have allowed the elves to use them as mounts, being disciplined enough to no longer pose a threat to the inhabitants of the region unless instructed to do so by their riders.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flame drakes are exceptionally dangerous creatures to the unprepared due to their great strength, resilience and power of fire. The creature can breathe out flame in the form of fireballs which explode upon contact with any surface, causing devastating damage to enemies, and their claws and teeth are strong and sharp to kill prey quickly. The scales covering a flame drake's body are as tough as iron, allowing them to endure weapon blows to an extent, and thanks to their power over flame, they are immune to it being used against them. However, their underbellies are known to be a particular weak spot.

Notable fire drakes[edit | edit source]

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