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To the West of lies the Island of ForgeBurrn, inhabited by Dwarves. They are the oldest allies of the Ironwatch Isles. They've had a trading relationship for as long as anyone can remember, and the dwarven-made swordwraths are the most fearsome machine of war that Ironwatch soldiers have at their disposal.

The Island of ForgeBurrn is ruled by a council of nine who oversee the isle's day-to-day business. Each one represents a district on the island, and they meet every day in the central town square for an hour to share their ideas and hold a vote on what the law of the land will be for the day.

While the dwarves have little use for the Ironwatch's nation focus on peace and philosophy (this peace being mostly theoretical), they provide excellent weapons and equipment for their allies's soldiers. They also provide the Ironwatch sovereign with an army of hardened warriors, who have stood by the side of the small island nation for centuries and who are known by them as deserving of trust through the long struggle ahead.

Forgeburrn Dwarves are also mortal enemies of the Unbekant Empire, though their relations with the Kingdom of Man are rather cool when not antagonistic.

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