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Gemmaushia is an ancient country. In its time, it was a contemporary of the Natelevarian Empire and the Kiyamanid Kingdom, and its cities still breathe the archaic air of the old world. Go to Teosciavian for the achievement of mankind, but go to Gemmaushia for the achievements of the old world.
โ€” Unknown traveller

The Empire of Gemmaushia is a large country situated at the southwestern corner of Aurelia. A culture separated from man and elfkind, Gemmaushia has existed in the south of Telamon for nearly four millennia and has been a the subject of great interest by the rest of the world for its exotic trade and cultural exports. The cities of Gemmaushia are known for their grandiose architecture.

History[edit | edit source]

Gemmaushia's capital, Truxantros, was an Aurelian port of commerce during the times of the Aurelian Empire. The largest city of the western empire, Truxantros was culturally cosmopolitan and was host to several races that live alongside one another. After the Aurelian Empire's dissolution, the region that is modern Gemmaushia became a series of city states. As these states traded and warred for over a millennium, the modern empire of Gemmaushia was formed in the mid-Second Era. Gemmaushia has long predated many nations in modern Aurelia, having existed three millennia before the inception of the human kingdoms.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Gemmaushia's territory sits on the savanna grasslands of southwestern Aurelia; much of the land is tropical in nature, until the southern shores turn completely to desert. Three major rivers have governed the layout of Gemmaushia for millennia; the Zhoutum River of which the capital city of Truxantros sits at the mouth, the Xawu River to its east and the Zha River on the eastern periphery of the country. Gemmaushia's northern borders are marked by a steep mountain range whilst its southern coasts are dotted with dormant and extinct volcanoes that provides natural walls against other land nations. Three large islands also make part of Gemmaushia's range - the northernmost island of Tsenjein is a lush forest, whilst the southern islands of Sheimzai and Zheimyan are completely covered in desert.

Due to the locale of Gemmaushia, much of the country has mild winters and hot summers - inland Gemmaushia is humid whilst its southern coasts are much drier. Many wealthier inhabitants of Gemmaushia take to travelling to the southern coasts to escape the extreme humidity during the summer season.

Government[edit | edit source]

Gemmaushia has one of Telamon's oldest established hereditary monarchies, dating back to nearly four thousand years ago with veritable evidence. The societal structure of Gemmaushia has evolved from a strictly feudalistic structure in the past, though the modern nation is usually thought of as plutocratic.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Gemmaushia is home of its own pantheon; a wide and loose set of deities collected from ancient cults. Among these deities are Shenryundi, Soldalatel and Isiris, although the pantheon is host to a near-innumerable number of cultural deities that have been adopted from the tribes that existed during the times of the Aurelian Empire.

Relations[edit | edit source]

As a nation of rich natural resources, Gemmaushia has been a benefactor in exporting materials such as marble and precious metals to other nations throughout most of modern history. Gemmaushia has strong trading lines with Dalmira, Taelen, Merovaren and Tuaben.

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