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Gestalts, Zeitgeists and Gods[edit | edit source]

Whenever a group of humans gathers around a central figure capable of giving out commands (called the idol), whether out of desperation, passion, or other duress, the substrate or skeleton of a spirit called a Gestalt is formed. As long as the idol's commands remain sufficiently vague, unclear, or subjective, the Gestalt can begin to coalesce, riding in the minds of the followers. The Gestalt learns and experiences the world through the sense of those who it inhabits, and as it grows more powerful and widespread, it expresses itself in the way those it inhabits understand their commands, and their overall belief structure. At this point, it is generally called a Zeitgeist. With further growth, the spirit can accrue enough personal intelligence and metaphysical weight through its members that it perform magic on behalf of its members, or even alter and combine whatever magic is present, performing feats that none of its members could do, even when working together consciously. At this point, it generally gains the title of God, and its works are often considered miracles.

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