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The Great and Tall[edit | edit source]

Humans who make habitual use of healing magic while suffering constant injuries can develop the start of giantish tendencies. Their bodies slowly habituate to the magical healing and recovery from grievous wounds until they develop faster and faster baseline healing and growth. Initially they grow to heroic stature, powerful, beautiful and strong in body and mind. Usually standing heads above their peers and sturdy in valor and personal power. Most of these individuals either are or become career heroes for their communities.

As time goes on these individuals develop a slowed aging. They do not become frailer, their skin stays firm and their muscles and bones strong. But other forms of age persist.

After about two decades of continual use of healing magic and constant injury they will be fully capable of regenerating a severed limb, although this is where problems start to occur. Their bodies grow back unevenly and not specifically as they originally were shaped, with a marked preference for larger scope over all.

As time goes on (less time if they are repeatedly injured but eventually all will succumb) the accumulation of "automatic" healing and recovery will make their bodies swell and grow in larger and larger dimensions.

The biggest exception of these is generally their teeth and eyes will lag behind.

Some maladies will not be overcome by the prodigious growth and healing.

Most tragically mental faculties are never fully recovered if lost through injury and decay.

Gradually over time as various diseases accrue, and eventually all giants succumb to dementia.

By this point many giants have either become heroes loved and supported by the entire community or even outright kings, lords or even emperors.

No matter how good, righteous, kind or just every giant will decline. Eventually they will be reduced to the mental facilities of toddlers at best and infants at worst. But misshapen, ancient and undeniably aged infants the size of castles, with appetites just as prodigious and a propensity for foul mood and tantrums due to the general uncomfortable nature of their incredibly advanced years.

Giants visually tend towards larger faces over all (except their eyes which are disportionately small in cavernous sockets) and exaggerated noses, ears and mouths (with fields of comparatively tiny teeth). The rest of their features can range in all manner from sickly thin to incomprehensibly corpulent and multiple branching/tree like limbs are not unheard of.

It is a sad fate that has befallen many a hero.

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