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Gigarashi are colossal aberrations native to Skauros. Used among other things as heavy mobility, Gigarashi are sometimes used as siege engines by the goblins of Skauros.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gigarashi are a species of a monstrous ilk; they are usually described as immense quadrupedal scorpions to those who do not fully understand what they look like. Gigarashi bear a maw of lengthy teeth that regenerate if broken, as well as an array of eight eyes. Gigarashi have a thick exoskeletal hide that protects them from all but the most dangerous of assaults.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

It is not known of where Gigarashi come from, but many believe that there are a corrupted marshland within Skauros' reaches that the Gigarashi emerge from. Others believe that Gigarashi are burrowing creatures and emerge from deep cavernous nests, usually marked by a mound of bones. Gigarashi are exceedingly foul tempered and dangerous monstrosities that are only tempered by harsh domestication, which brings them at odds with their goblin masters. Goblin camps have been known to disappear overnight from Gigarashi devouring them whole.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A Gigarashi's strongest ability is its resilience; the dense exoskeleton of its spine offers enough resistance for them to break through stone walls and burrow through thick mounds of earth. Gigarashi are able to slam their tails against the ground to cause a shake that can decimate weaker structures and damage stone buildings. Gigarashi are able to hold considerable weight in their appendages on their underbelly, which has led some goblins to utilise this as a method of carrying supplies or sometimes crudely made explosives.

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