Gildaire of Alenreic

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Gildaire of Alenreic, the Last King.

Gildaire Astore Loretheraime of Alenreic, also known as the Last King by humans, was a High King of Alenreic who lost his Throne, Kingdom, and life in Ythred's War.

Gildaire was born in Sallent, the heir-apparent from childhood, to the royal family of Alenreic. Upon the death of his father, he assumed the throne at age 14.

Recognizing the Dwaerkar threat, he rapidly began a program of re-armament and mass-training, mustering thousands to his standing army. However, these efforts were for naught -- although they allowed Alenreic to stay the overwhelming might of the Dwaerkar armies for a short while, they could not prevent the destruction of his Kingdom.

Gildaire was killed somewhere in the walls of his capital city during the Siege of Sallent. The circumstances of his passing remain shrouded in mystery, but many legends have arisen regarding his death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gildaire Loretheraime was born in Sallent in +471, the heir-presumptive to the throne of Alenreic and the primary scion of House Loretheraime of Sallent.

He assumed the throne in +475 following the passing of his father, Astore II of Alenreic.

He perished in +513 in the Siege of Sallent, when he was either 41 or 42. The whereabouts of his corpse are unknown.