Golden Tower of Ouwestad

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File:Golden Tower of Ouwestad.jpeg
The Golden Tower of Ouwestad, iconic of the City and the Freehold.

The Golden Tower of Ouwestad, often abbreviated to the Golden Tower, is a palace and monument in Ouwestad.

The Golden Tower is about 230 units tall (ca. 350m), and has more than 120 floors. The first 80 floors house the administrative and political organs of Ouwestad and Tielsland freehold. The upper 40 floors are dedicated to the residence and meeting-rooms of the Chief of Ouwestad, Keris Ÿzerhand, and the royal family of the city.

The tower is built entirely of brass, which has been alloyed and painted to give it its golden consistency -- the most striking feature of the building. Given its height, more than 80 elevators, powered by steam, service the building.

Entrance to the building is generally restricted to the upper echelons of Ouwestadian society, as well as foreign dignitaries.

This place was the location of the Attack on the Golden Tower, an infamous terrorist attack conducted by Cylian Lynwyd, which resulted in the deaths of twelve of the Dwaerkar, including the heir apparent Zark Ÿzerhand and his sibling Keden Ÿzerhand.