Grand Library (Borost)

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File:Principal entrance to the Grand Library of Ouwestad.jpg
The Principal Entrance to the Grand Library of Ouwestad.

The Athenaeum of Ouwe the Founder in His City, nowadays primarily known as the Grand Library of Ouwestad, often shortened to the Grand Library, is a library, planetarium, research institute, cultural nexus, and educational center that houses the largest and most recognized collection of knowledge in Borost.

The Library was established by the order of Ouwe the Founder, representing one of his first decrees upon founding Ouwestad (then known as Needeaalderstad). The first tome to be placed in the library is reputed to be the Borost:Enchiridion on Alchemy and the Material Arts. Other than books and illustrated resources, the library is also the home of numerous artifacts and archaeological devices.

The library is divided into twenty-seven different sections based on subject: this includes sections in Magic, Religion, Philosophy, Politics, History, Mathematics, and numerous other topics. There is also a Borost:Restricted section, to which general access is expressly forbidden.

As should be obvious, dear reader -- merely putting it in words is ridiculous to me -- this is currently the place you are at.

Notable scholars affiliated with the library[edit | edit source]

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Notable leaders of previous expeditions include: