Great Black Dragons (Firmament)

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Great Black Dragons are one of the most powerful and malevolent dragon races of Telamon.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Great black dragons are easily distinguishable by appearance; their hide is a jet black and are jagged with a myriad of horns. A blackened heavy fog spills from its mouth and nostrils, and their scales tend to sweat a watery liquid that decays whatever it spills upon. Their tails are extraordinarily long and its appendages are likened to lengthy knife-like blades. Though historical records of them are sparing, the eldest of Great black dragons are said to be able to grasp a whole Hydra in their mouths.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

It is not known where Great black dragons settle overall, although they are said to be comfortable in darkened regions and more likely make their homes in deep caves and underground passages. Some say that Great black dragons are able to nest in subterranean caves only accessible by water. As Great black dragons are said to only feast on ash, they live within the vicinity of items that can be burned; forests and civilisations are often what are taken into consideration concerning a nest.

Society[edit | edit source]

Great black dragons are extremely rare in occurrence; the last confirmed sighting of which was nearly one thousand years ago in western Aurelia. They are solitary creatures that sleep for centuries in the darkest recesses of the world, and often the lingering presence of their being makes their environments uninhabitable for years on end. Due to the rarity of their kind, it is not known of the interaction between their own kind. Other dragon kinds are often prey for Great black dragons. Great black dragons are known for their association with corrupt and dark magics, and are usually thought of as one of the most vile forms of life on Telamon.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As dragons that feast on death and decay, Great black dragons project a magical force that causes matter to break down and decompose, and their breath is a plume of blackness that burns even the hardiest of substances to ash. Ancient Aurelian accounts of Great black dragons entail that entire citadels in their northern expanse fell in hours to their aggressive nature. Though magically superior to most forms of life, Great black dragons were said to be physically susceptible to physical injury in daylight and often hunted in the dark.

Notable Great black dragons[edit | edit source]

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