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Gremlins[edit | edit source]

Every moment of disgust can create gremlin spores, they are shed off of the mind like dead skin. They scatter and suffuse the places of squalor, in sites of great embarrassments or horrible displays. In places of sickness.

If these "spores" are later nurtured by envy, jealousy and a hateful longing to take what others possess the spores will grow.

Given enough of these feelings the spores hatch into gremlins, resembling hairless, boneless rats with metal teeth and black eyes; their skin can change color to match their environment and they can wedge and squeeze their way past any crevice much thicker than a millimeter. Their hands are large, their tails are prehensile and their eyes are bulging.

A gremlin newly hatched wants to steal what others have. At first it is innocuous and un-selective. But with every theft it returns to watch and determine if what it has taken is "important". As they age gremlins will grow more selective, more keen to what is valuable and more clever and cruel and devious.

By the first week a gremlin can steal and hide keys, left socks and favorite keepsakes.

By about the first month gremlins will have started recognizing what foods are preferred by individuals in their territory and will gorge themselves on favorite sweets and confections.

By the first year a gremlin will be adept at stealing vital parts of machines, pins, and nails from chests and anything not too heavy or large or firmly secure.

By four or five years old gremlins begin to murder smaller pets and begin to coordinate with their fellow gremlins to move, lift and destroy larger machinery.

By their seventh or tenth year gremlins are coordinated enough and canny enough to recognize the value people place in babies, and devise the way to properly steal them, not murder them but actually steal them away and keep them alive.

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