Guardians of Varkaus

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The Guardians of Varkaus are very powerful beings indeed, seres poderosísimos, as they guard one of the places where the greatest number of Interplanar Keys are kept. They are inmortal, although they can be destroyed.

These keys are the ones used to open the Borders between the Centers of Milegu: the Center of All and the Center of Cosmos.

Varkaus is one of the more mysterious Planes of the Milegu, because hardly anything is known about it and the little that is known is so extremely strange that few have the audacity to believe such nonsense.

The Varkaus Guardians belong to the so called Prosperous Races and they are believed to possess large amounts of Origū Essence. They are compared to the Lttbeh Races.

There are also some (few and wrong) that suggest they belong to the dem nutkiae. Although until a while ago it has not been possible to prove whether it was true or not, now it has been possible to prove that the Guardians of the Varkaus are not dem nutkiae at all.

They fought an incredible battle with the Tjrahui, which was left in a draw (although the Plane of Varkaus was totally obliterated). After this battle, the Guardians of the Varkaus were revered in an absolute way since the Tjrahui had defeated Evil Ones, the Army of Evil (both the Army of Evil commanded by the Lords of Evil and Army of Evil commanded by Psúiph and the Soldiers of Evil), the Dussians, etc., and even one Tjrahui made six Sercque flee, so they seemed totally unstoppable.

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  • Varkaus's name is taken from a city in Finland.

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