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Sundered Children[edit | edit source]

Halflings arise, occasionally, when magic interferes with a normal human pregnancy. Fertility charms, sex-selection charms, abortive charms, all can instead produce halfling twins when they fail, which in turn can be spurred by a host things, but especially when the charmed parent isn't entirely cooperating with the charm, such as if a parent charmed with fertility is unfaithful.

Halflings never grow much taller than half a grown adult's height, and retain a childish mentality or physique, though they mature in other ways.

Halflings come in two varieties, with each pair of twins having one of each: Right halves and Left halves. Each halfling only has a single eye, ear, and nostril, as appropriate for which side's half they were. Inside their head, each one only has single hemisphere of a brain. Naturally, this, combined with their incomplete growth, often leaves them overburdened in life on their own. Fortunately, they naturally tend to find their way into pairs, even if they lose their birth twin at some point along the way, and as a pair grows more deeply bonded, they can begin to bridge the gap between their minds, sharing thoughts, emotions, even their senses.

Often, halflings are most common in urban environments. They are abandoned, generally out of disgusts, as often as they are kept, and those who are abandoned grow to be street urchins, sometimes even coming to work alongside whatever goblin population there is, working together out of a form of twisted kinship with them.

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