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Here we talk about how to understand Bestiateca (beast library) and how to write articles for this namespace.

The rest of the bestiary standards apply in the too in the beast library. If you want to consult them, visit: Help:Standards.

Article title in Bestiateca (beast library)[edit]

  1. The names of medieval beasts that come from bestiaries are referenced in Latin in his article. Example: Antelope. The title is: Bestiateca: Antalops.
  2. In case the creature lacks a Latin name or has never been seen or imagined by Latin speakers, its name is taken from the next language in the list of languages at this point. Language list: Latin> Greek> French> Friesian> Spanish (for medieval bestiaries).

Bestiateca Redirects[edit]

  1. To facilitate the search, an article will be made with the title in English that redirects to the title in Latin. Example: Bestiateca:Antelope redirects to Bestiateca: Antalops.

Main Space ns-0[edit]

  1. It is preferable that for each creature, stone, relic, object, or being in a classic bestiary there is also an item in the main namespace with that being's popular name. If it does not exist, it is advisable to create it and include (in the main one) a section indicating that it has a page in Bestiateca (beast library).