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Belonging to a plane, multiverse or omniverse[edit]

A single category is used to indicate plane of origin. DPL dynamic lists then aggregate the different categories to permit to search for all the "Dragons of Borost" easily, while just using a category tag per property.

  • ✅ Dragons + ✅ Borost
  • ❌ Dragons (Borost)
  • ❌ Dragons of Borost
  • ❌ Borost Dragon
  • ❌ Dragons in Borost

Divinities and gods[edit]

Plural, generic.

  • ✅ Divinities
  • ❌ Gods
  • ❌ God (sorry, monotheists)
  • ❌ Divinity


Used with related species, and the "domains" of divinities and gods. Generally, "adjacent" to something means it is NOT that thing, composed of it or made specifically of that; just somehow associated with it. A college where all members are humans belongs to the "Humans" category. A college where all alumni and faculty are lobsters, and humans are janitors, is "Human-adjacent". Use on subordinate species, characters and professions to indicate to whom they are subordinated. In non-subordinated, it may indicate kinship or cohabitance. Combined with singular, hyphenated.

  • ✅ Water-adjacent
  • ❌ Water related
  • ❌ Waters-adjacent
  • ❌ Water (unless the divinity is also made of water)


Used to indicate the subject of page is subjugated, servant or otherwise subordinated to something or someone. This indicates dynamics of power, not mathematical or thematic subordination.

  • ✅ Subordinates
  • ❌ Subordinated
  • ❌ Subordained
  • ❌ Subordinate
  • ❌ Servants


Used to indicate something is of a feeric nature or closely associated with fae.

  • ✅ Fae
  • ❌ Faes (improper plural)
  • ❌ Faery
  • ❌ Feeric
  • ❌ Faeries


Used to describe a singular, presumably sentient being (or in rare cases, a collection of such beings). It is plural because of category standards (the category of all Personalities).

  • ✅ Personalities
  • ❌ Personality
  • ❌ People
  • ❌ Individuals
  • ❌ Beings (this is a different category)
  • ❌ Persons (😭)
  • ❌ Figures


Used to classify the pages that specify the standards of the wiki.

  • ✅ Standards