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Here you will find resources to create creatures, species, societies or civilizations. These web pages will help you with inspiration, name generators, planet generators, useful web pages, and so on.

Inspiration with the text[edit source]

  1. Help:Describing a creature or species at Miraheze, also online at: Exlar (Google Drive)

Text-specific utilities[edit source]

  1. To find out what is the phonetic transcription of a word or text.
  2. Tool to detect spelling errors, and some other basic grammar and style, in texts in English. This service is free and does not require registration.
  3. XML to JSON, JSON Beautifier, Dictation to Text, Text to Speech, ASCII to Text, Text to ASCII, HEX to Text, Text to HEX, HEX to ASCII, ASCII to HEX, Column to comma separated list, Comma separated list to column, Semicolon separated list to column, Column to semicolon separated list, Replace spaces with commas, Replace spaces with semicolons, Replace new lines with commas, Uppercase text, Lowercase text, Proper case text.
  4. To convert vertical lists of items to horizontal lists with items separated by commas.
  5. Built language generator, 200 word vocabulary version is free. it has depth.
  6. Formats pages similar to recent D&D books.
  7. : An extensive simulator of political circumstances. States, laws, economics, etc.
  8. : Wide variety of generators and calculators, mainly themed on fantasy and role-playing games.
  9. : Bitfont Maker 2. Draw your own characters and use your drawn font as a TTF.
  10. Pass a given text to binary language. 10010110111100101110.

Text generators[edit source]

  1. Random text generator about cultures, characters, places, names, ideas, alphabets, religions, etc.
  2. Random text generator about cultures, characters, places, names, ideas, alphabets, religions, etc.
  3. Random text generator about cultures, characters, places, names, ideas, alphabets, religions, etc.
  4. Random text generator about cultures, characters, places, names, ideas, alphabets, religions, etc.
    1. Index of Donjon generators.
  5. Name generator for different cultures.
  6. A name generator with a variety of options, which also accepts templates.
  7. Generator of names, places and creatures and role-playing aids.
  8. - Generator of cultures and others.
  9. Random name generator with size control and prefix / suffix filters.
  10. Random generator with names and other options from a list.
  11. Star system text generator. Choice of many or few planets.
  12. Star system text generator. Planets, size, habitability and a zigzag map.
  13. Generator of names of planets, stars, ships, places, aliens, etc.

Traditions, calendars[edit source]

  1. Annual calendar. You can choose days, weeks, months, number of moons and others.
  2. Medieval demography in text. Population size and density. Professions.

Tables, graphs and inspirations[edit source]

  1. Different terrestrial biomes. (images: 1, 2 and png 3).
  2. Hypothetical and exotic biochemistry.

Images of your creations[edit source]

  1. : To create human, humanoid, portrait, feral, anime, landscape, space, and other characters.

Image specific utilities[edit source]

  1. : To Compress jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, svg and gif.

Free Online Tools For Developers[edit source] PNG to PDF, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, JSON to XML, JSON to TSV, SCV to JSON, Validate, Minify, Analyse, Convert JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Excel.

File format changes[edit source]

  1. PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to WEBP, JPG to PDF, JPG to PNG, JPG to WEBP, PNG to PDF, PNG to JPG, PNG to WEBP, WEBP to JPG , WEBP to PNG, Word to PDF, WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, Image Resizer, Image DPI, CSV to XLSX.

Planet generator[edit source]

  1. 3D planet exterior aspect, Flat map, saves text and image, has IDs. Include a short description of each planet.
  2. 3D planet exterior aspect, Flat map, saves text and image, has IDs. Include a short description of each planet.
  3. Global 3D map processor with many useful features, including distance measurement. Accepts equirectangular images [2: 1 ratio] ideally.
  4. Space Engine. Realistic universe simulator.
  5. Simulator of the universe in 3D. Free and open source.
    1. Catalog of objects for celestia.
  6. Generator of star systems. Works with Celestia to create realistic systems.
  7. StarGen. Generator of star systems and planets.
    1. StarGen. Online generator of star systems and planets.
  8. PlanetGen. Downloadable program. Generate map, globe and other options.
  9. Generator of zenith map and technical data about a futuristic world.
  10. Visualizer of planet earth as a sphere. Geological times.

Top view map generator[edit source]

  1. # Generator of world and regional maps. Multiple views, height, biomes, cultures, religions, states, etc.
  2. Procedural island generator. Realistic style. Terrain by color gradient. Rivers and basins. Good for color heightmaps of random places in your world. Created by:
  3. An easy to use map editor with some modifiable variables. Save as an image only.
  4. Detailed city generator including top-down maps, places of interest, merchants, item list, and guilds.
  5. Hexagonal grid zenith map generator. 4000x4000 images of 4MB on average.
  6. Dungeon or dungeon zenith map generator with different grid. Dungeon miniature.
  7. Generator of city zenith map. Neighborhoods, a river and walls are seen.
  8. Dungeon or dungeon zenith map generator. Numbers indicate points of interest.
  9. 3D city viewer.
  10. Generator of city zenith map. White background. Small buildings.
  11. Generator of city zenith map. Different sizes of city. Different colors and designs. Neighborhoods and walls.

Terrain and landscape generator[edit source]

  1. World Machine. Free for Non-commercial. Creation of realistic 3D terrain.
  2. Planetside. Terragen. A landscape modeling program useful for imaging the surfaces of worlds; allows importing planets and 3D objects.

Coat of arms generator[edit source]

  1. Edit Colors, motto, patterns and designs. Save in PNG and PDF. Non-removable predefined armor.
  2. Predefined non-removable armor. Click on "Click here to start your new family crest on a [##] shield", put options. When finished, click on: Click this Button to Make a Coat of Arms! '<Do it!>'
  3. Editor with movable parts, resize, and lots of options and designs. 60 shield silhouettes and more than 100 icons.
  4. Editor with movable parts, resize, and lots of options and designs. 60 shield silhouettes and more than 100 icons.
  5. Coat of Arms Design Studio. It is not online. just download.
  6. Classical heraldry. Armors, ties, letterheads, etc.
  7. Editor that works based on Adobe Flash Player. Shields, names, slogans and symbols.
  8. Coat of arms editor for A Song of Ice and Fire (A Song of Ice and Fire).
  9. Account and Login required.
  10. Place with many premade shields with no exterior trim. 3133 entries as 05/16/2020.

Language Image Generator[edit source]

  1. Square-based rune generator.

Multiple image generator[edit source]

  1. Profile view locomotive generator.
  2. Sketch generator of tanks seen in profile.
  3. Wind rose generator.
  4. Generator of snowy trees in winter.

Content Organizer[edit source]

  1. Fantasy Worlds Content Organizer. A diverse set of tools and all free features. Your project is open to collaborators depending on the configuration you choose. It is updated with new features.
  2. Fantasy Worlds Content Organizer. Free version (public) and recurring monthly fee. Access to payment functions is severely restricted. Very diverse set of tools for those who can afford it.

Resources about outer space[edit source]

  1. Index of dozens of world-building tools.
  2. List of world creation tools.
  3. - Index of many science fiction and futuristic story making programs.

Calculators[edit source]

  1. Hard Science Fiction Tools. Astronomical calculations of 1998.
    1. Calculate the parameters of a planet orbiting a main sequence star.
  2. Calculate planetary data such as densities, velocities, acceleration, gravity of a planet and others.
  3. SpinCalc. Calculate accelerations and artificial gravity.
  4. Calculators for a realistic space. Several calculators made by Tony Dunn, including one that provides orbital parameters for satellites and moons.
  5. Gravity calculator for astronomical bodies based on radius and density.
  6. Space travel time and distance calculator.
  7. Planetary parameter generator. This calculator is designed primarily to calculate the energy required to destroy planets; provides the gravitational binding energy, which is also useful for disassembling them for peaceful purposes.
  8. Mass to energy calculator. E = mc 2 .

Information and star maps[edit source]

  1. Viewer of real stellar coordinates of our galaxy. Real stars appear close to the sun.
  2. ChView. Viewer and navigator of real stellar coordinates of our galaxy. Stellar 3D maps. Data on stars and extrasolar planets.
  3. Star coordinate converter from radial coordinates to galactic XYZ coordinates.
  4. Very detailed static maps of the Milky Way.
  5. Static maps of outer space at different scales.
  6. Table of types of stars with temperature, mass, radius and other features.
  7. Stellar Database. Information about real stars.
  8. Solstation. Information about real stars.
  9. Information about real stars.
  10. Information about real exoplanets.

To be classified[edit source]

  1. Put the generators to be classified in this section.