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Greetings, Creaturist! You are probably wondering what all this is about Your creatures and the Golden Hypogriph Bestiary.

Well, the Bestiary is neither more nor less than a collaborative literary (and sometimes investigative) platform. Our mission is to collect all kinds of creatures and worlds from fantasy and mythology. Some are pre-existing, others entirely invented in an original way.

Now that you know this, you may have even more questions ... But don't worry! This page exists for that, and it will leave you as fresh from doubts as a freshly washed lettuce.

Lettuce Questions[edit source]

And what am I doing in all this?[edit source]

Whatever you want!

You can start by reading creatures and worlds, delving into the creations of others, or the mythologies of peoples of the world...

You can also contact chats, talk to other creators, and contribute things like your artistic images and links to your own pages like exchanging deviantart ...

Or you can go on the adventure of inventing your own creatures and worlds. The doors are open.

Do the creatures and worlds of the bestiary exist?[edit source]

Well, they exist in the minds of those who imagine them. Do you dare to imagine them?

Sometimes entire cultures imagined creatures and worlds with such persistence that they were nothing less than real to them.

What kinds of creatures can I create?[edit source]

Anyone! Ninja beasts, four-headed dogs, flying robots, snake pirates, aggressive alien rat-cats (moment, that sounds familiar ...), oriental spirits, dishes with faces that travel to the afterlife, galactic conquering mollusk civilizations, and pretty much anyone else. The only creatures not allowed are those (poorly) made to offend or attack real people. Bad lettuces go to compost;)

Can I create things that are not creatures?[edit source]

Of course! A great advantage of the Bestiary is that it is not restricted to just one type of fictitious creations. Worlds, organizations, structures, universes, multiverses ... everything is good and beautiful from a judicious use (or no) of imagination. There are many pages on the wiki that are not creatures, and it's good that it can be that way. There is also a place for stories and narrative stories, as these are usually good starting points.

Articles seem too complicated, do I have to learn to do all of that to contribute?[edit source]

Not at all! Your article can be as simple or as complicated as you want. If you have doubts, go to facebook group (which has its own chat) or telegram chat to talk to the admins and the founder. Others can help you create your article and format it as necessary. Don't be afraid to be new, to introduce yourself and maybe even to make friends.

Oh, on the contrary, this is all too easy! Is there anything more advanced than this?[edit source]

The Golden Hypogrypho Bestiary blog has been online since 2004 and has over 1000 articles.

Many of those articles are remarkably complex. Blog articles can contain a large amount of information and images, much more than the average wiki page. Managed by user:Jakeukalane, contributor articles are reviewed for clarification through multiple drafts, and can take months (sometimes years) to post. So if you want to do something more challenging, that could be your destination!

How scary! ;P[edit source]

If just listening to it intimidates you, creating a wiki creature can be as simple as spending a few minutes and lots of creativity. The more minutes and more creativity, perhaps the better your creature can be.

Can I learn more?[edit source]

The cosmology of the Bestiary is explained in Planar Levels, which helps to understand how it is possible that there are so many universes, and even universes one within another. In the future there will be tutorial pages to help people invent good creatures, imagine their bodies and customs, think about their life cycles ... the same will happen with the creation of planes and organizations. You can also go to Help:Standards for some tips that wiki admins apply to make administration more bearable.

Are you leaving?[edit source]

you can come with us. If the Hypogripho allows it, we will find ourselves in the infinite worlds of Milegu.