Himlore Palladere Kllegenden

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

Commander Himlore Palladere Kleggenden was a famous Alenreic soldier who commanded the Borost:Knights of the Dawn during many battles, and ultimately the Siege of Sallent.

Her doomed last stand at the Palace of Sallent has inspired countless works of art and literature. In particular, her role in the Last Charge of Alenreic, where she led the last warriors of the kingdom after High King Gildaire of Alenreic was killed in battle, is the subject of much romance and legend.

The Lay of Himlore, an epic poem detailing her unexpected (and, admittedly, incredibly lucky) career and prowess, and her ultimate heroic act of defiance against Dwaerkar "oppression", is of particular cultural significance.

Unfortunately, Kllegenden has become a symbol of resistance against the Dwaerkar and the Fatherhood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Himlore P. Kllegenden was born in Sallent to the prominent Borost:House Kllegenden.