Human people (Borost)

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File:Human, male.jpg
A male Human.
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A female Human.

Human people, known as Maenkar by the Dwaerkar, and also known as mankind, humans, men, wild-folk, and other terms, are a race that inhabits Borost. Despite being even more fertile than Borostím, humans are not as present in Borost -- this can be explained by history, as most factions in the peninsula have been largely hostile to Men throughout recorded history. Nevertheless, humans are known to be the best fighters in Borost, skilled with longbows and longswords, and particularly when operating in ambush or guerrilla tactics.

Physical and pyschological traits[edit | edit source]

Mankind possesses very varied phenotypes. These vary from light to dark skin, and are on average about 1.2 units (1.8 meters) tall. They are stronger than the Borostím, but remain lean, and generally have dark hair and eyes. Humans live for anything between 50 to 100 years.

Humans are considered to be skilled warriors, hunters, and guerilla fighters, proficient at staging ambushes with their longbows from bushes and trees. They are known for their resourcefulness, intelligence, and proficiency at arms.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Mankind primarily speaks two language families: the Borost:Boreal tongues and the Austral tongues. All dialects within each are mutually intelligible, but this is not the case between both language families.

The Boreal tongues are the language of Old Alenreic, developed there under the tutelage of the Borost:High Kings of Alenreic.

Meanwhile, the Austral tongues were developed by the Men of the South, primarily those that originally settled between the realms of Borost and Tirsos.

History[edit | edit source]

Because of their non-símic language, men are believed to have gestated outside of Borost. Upon arriving in the peninsula, they settled the North, where they established the Great Kingdom of Alenreic, governed through the wisdom of the Borost:High Kings. However, Alenreic gradually became debilitated by the Invasions, and was finally toppled by the Dwaerkar during Ythred's War. Since then, most men have become itinerant, or established farmlands to the south of Borost. The Rangers are the largest organisation of men, ostensibly created to protect mankind from the Invasions.