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Bahyrst, capital of the region.
Bahyrst, capital of the region.
Coat of arms of Bahyrst
Coat of arms
Etymology: Great land of the hearth.
Southern Kingdom
Founded20 Leveerdans +436
Founded byTzulf Bahyrst
 • TypeKingdom
 • BodyBahyrst
 • LordGehrman Anderast
 • TotalEst. 2,950,000

Hyrost is a Dwaerkar freehold and region of Borost. The freehold is dominated by the Borost:Waal, a large, sprawling river that divides the fertile, gently-forested lowlands of Hyrost.

Tzulf Bahyrst established the freehold when he founded Bahyrst in 20 Leveerdans +436. The fort of Bahyrst has grown from a formidable redoubt into a sprawling metropolis, heavily segmented into Dwaerkar and Borostím quarters.

History[edit | edit source]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The flatlands of Hyrost freehold are dominated by the powerful waters of the Waal, which facilitates the travel of Dwaerkar patrols in the area. This is much necessary, as the Borostím of Hyrost are simple-minded and easily enlisted into the many terrorist cells in the area.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Goverment[edit | edit source]

Hyrost is ruled by Gehrman Anderast, Lord of Hyrost, in an autocratic fashion. A proud descendant of Clan Anderast, who first captured the land from its previous elven masters in Ÿphergund's War, Lord Gehrman is happy to comply with the less-democratic traditions of his land.

Cities and settlements[edit | edit source]

Bahyrst is the capital of Hyrost freehold. One of the few non-mountainous cities of the Dwaerkar, Bahyrst's close proximity to Den Waal means that water-wheels form an integral component of its industry.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]