Infinitum (Firmament)

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Template:Deity Infinitum is the goddess of magic, knowledge and the stars, who is considered the patron deity of all wizards. A neutral force in the grand scheme of the Firmament, Infinitum is far more curious of the universe and its intricacies than with mortal morality.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Infinitum takes the form of a great, physical shadow whose body is illuminated by many bright points resembling stars, causing her to be comparable to a clear night sky. A pair of particularly brighter stars make up her eyes in her featureless head. Certain groups alternatively portray her as a humanoid who wears the sky-like shadow as a cloak which hides away her true face.

History[edit | edit source]

Certain myths say Infinitum introduced magic to the Firmament with waves of her arms. The Ether Wyrms claim to have been created from pieces of her essence.

There is evidence found in Primordial ruins that Infinitum was involved in the Great Gap as one of the gods who fought Varagarash Narahil, leading to his eventually imprisonment at the Abyssal End. Such tales describe "magic itself" rebelling against Varagarash, lacerating his monstrous flesh with every incantation there is and will ever be.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Infinitum's realm is known as the Infinite Abode, located in the Space In-Between. This realm is ambulatory in nature and rarely stays in the same place for long, for Infinitum is always travelling. Wizards who have entered the realm describe it as a particularly strange realm where all objects, including the ground, are made of the same shade-like substance as the Mother of Magic herself. Infinitum's curious nature leads her to allow mortal visitors into the realm provided they can find it, though she is quick to kick them out if they attempt to overstay their welcome.

Personality[edit | edit source]

It is often said Infinitum is as mysterious as magic itself. Her main focus is studying and exploring the Firmament and its innermost workings. That which doesn't concern her research is generally ignored, and indeed, she treats most 'mundane' subjects with indifference. Generally only those who worship Infinitum, and as such gain their divine magic from her essence, are able to retain her attention for more than a few moments.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Infinitum is a distant deity and does not usually associate herself with others of her own kind, preferring to explore the planes than to spend time with beings she already knows of. However, she is known to heed their call for aid during battles against the forces of Irkalla, for she is opposed to the destruction of existence as it would mean an end to her quest for knowledge. She is particularly opposed to all beings who hoard knowledge and keep it hidden from the universe, believing creatures like Analuhati to be irresponsible children.

Cult of Infinitum[edit | edit source]

Infinitum is worshipped by all sorts of wizards, lorekeepers and astronomers, and all those with an interest in magic and its use and advancement. Magic and the ability to cast it, as well as the pursue for knowledge of the Firmament, are held above all other things. Followers of the Mother of Magic have the tendency to take owls as familiars over other animals. Clerics and priests of Infinitum rank themselves within the clergy by their magical knowledge and aptitude. Her followers typically wear long cloaks or hoods which obscure their faces, decorated with symbols such as stars and comets. Infinitum's temples tend to also serve as libraries, though how much of the texts are open to the public depends of each temple.

Her cult is strong in Aelvana and Eryliana's magical circles.

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