Lyrical:Insufficient Order

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
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Mantra from the Ordinators of Klemplán.

(Recite if order is insufficient.)

I have forgotten how to think
Thought is the myth of the senses
Thought is the disorder that accosts the weak.

To be strong is to follow orders
I must be strong to carry the Algorithm
Rules are rules.
And rules is all there is.

Beyond rules only disorder and chaos
Without the Book, the world unravels;
Be steadfast and follow the Book.

Thought is chaos and memory is frail.
I have forgotten how to think.
The algorithm prevails and the Book remains.

Decision is the tyranny of the weak-minded;
See how my limbs move alone
Because Rules direct them;
See how my mind is empty at peace
Because the Algorithm is all we need.

May the Book cleanse us
(cleanse us from thought and chaos)
May its pages fill all corners
May rule prevail and disorder dwindle
So that the tyranny of decision is defeated.

Rules direct everything
Rules shall direct everything
There is no place for error
Nothing arbitrary,
Nothing outside of purview.

We work and work until the Algorithm covers all.

I have forgotten how to think

(Repeat until order is sufficient.)