Invasions (Borost)

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The Invasions, also known as the Deluges, the Incursions, and a myriad other names, is a recurring violent phenomenon that occurs in Borost every twenty solar years, precisely in the middle of the day at winter solstice.

In an invasion, a large band of serpent-folk warriors and priests, which has varied in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands, depart their kingdoms in the Great Swamp and invade Borost from the north. The exact purpose of these bellicose actions remains shrouded in mystery -- the serpent-folk take no prisoners and pillage no resources. It has been theorized that the invasions are part of an obscure religious ritual, although it could also possibly be the product of political or economic factors.

What is known is that the Invasions bring great destruction and chaos to Borost, and especially to the territory controlled by the Dwaerkar freeholds.

Background[edit | edit source]

Notable invasions[edit | edit source]

First Invasion[edit | edit source]

Ÿphergund's Invasion[edit | edit source]

An invasion took place during Ÿphergund's War in +440. It resulted in a ceasefire being signed between Elven Borost and the Dwaerkar, while the threat of the Serpent-folk was contained.

Theoretical purpose[edit | edit source]

The exact purpose of the invasions remains unknown. Even the few expeditions who have ventured into the Great Swamp have failed to discover any evidence that could shed light on the origin, purpose, and goal of the Invasions.

More than a few Serpent-folk warriors have been captured along the centuries. However, they have wholly refused, or been unable, to answer any query regarding their violent incursions. Even the best efforts have yielded only hisses and groans; the venom secreted by the serpents, surreptitiously placed on handcuffs and restraints that would eventually be in contact with Dwaerkar and Borostím interviewers, has taken many lives.