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Irkalla, also known as Hell, is an outer plane where the souls of dead evil mortals reside in a state of eternal suffering and damnation. It is metaphysically mirrored by the plane of Ziana.

Description[edit | edit source]

Irkalla is a collection of realms strung together by a force of primordial evil and chaos. Much of the landscape is battered and shrouded in hellfire, where hordes of damned souls and fiendish monsters inhabit in nigh infinite numbers. When a new demon lord rises, they use their divine power to change their personal realm into something of their liking, leading the individual regions of Irkalla to be widely different from one another.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Mortal souls with an evil stance in life inhabit Irkalla in death, where they suffer eternal torment and are hunted down by the prolific outsiders known as demons, who use souls both as a source of sustenance and as a currency.

Damned Wyrms are the True Wyrms native to Irkalla.

Places of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Abyssal End - The prison of Varagarash Narahil, one of the mightiest gods of the Firmament, lies at the deepest pits of Irkalla.
  • Betrayer's Rise - A mixture of plateau, fortress and marketplace, Vealdimar's realm is among the most densely populated in Irkalla.
  • Black Metropolis - A foul city as large as an entire mortal world, the largest populated center of Irkalla is the dominion of Xel'manikh.
  • Bloatgrounds - A blood-drenched landscape of perpetual twisted feasting, ruled by the gluttonous Kurgram.
  • Court of liars - An opulent palace in which the followers of Asv-Aldz scheme, betray and hoard mountains of coins and treasures.
  • Corruptus - A dark cavern where mortal nightmares become alive, where the monstrous Shurin Rodin roams.
  • Darkreach - The largest ocean of Irkalla and the domain of Uzgoroth.
  • Festerblight - The realm of the vile rat god Skanqrak is a complex of tunnels holding pestilent subterranean marshlands.
  • Fire Pits - The lair of the demon lord Druacath is a ravine where demons and tortured souls toil away until exhausted into nothingness.
  • Fragmentation - An unstable dominion of weak natural laws and consistency, including the flow of time itself. Home to Ormenthdraverang.
  • Halls of Passion - The frozen realm of Hamoilles is a mansion where innocence is destroyed and replaced by carnal mania.
  • Pavor - A perplexing and surreal realm devoid of any semblance of reality that inhibits the worst fears of all beings. Home to Kaicaiusarin.
  • Penumbra - A perplexing maze of blackened chasms. Drascasur himself is enthroned within the core of the realm.
  • Ravine of the Damned - The final destination of evil dragon souls and the dominion of the terrible Kaharvoth.
  • Sands of the Unliving - A desolate and long-dead world of entities that have transcended physical death, Tlahvaratlam's realm.
  • Sanguine Hill - The realm of the demon lord Analuhati is a great library atop a hill of blood, where forbidden knowledge is kept by demon scholars.

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