Ironwatch Isles

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This nation of Creations (a particular type of Golems) believes itself to be the last hope for peace in the world. They believe that they must use their army to continue the peace by destroying all of the violent nations, and creating a utopia where humans and Creations can live in harmony.

Thus their current regent is of the firm conviction that to achieve peace, they must make war.

Ironwatch armies have gathered at the borders of their control; a massive force of hardened warriors. They stand at the ready, prepared to unleash violence on the world.

History[edit | edit source]

Your nation has never been a warlike one, with only simple standing armies and few attempts at conquest in its long history. Lately, however, the world has been changing. The discovery of gunpowder has led to great advances in weapon technology, and even the small main Ironwatch main island has not been spared from this global trend towards mass warfare. Your nation, being of course peaceful and not particularly warlike, has suffered several terrible shellings from invaders.

Although you have a standing army, it is of course primarily designed to fend off pirates and protect the island's shores. While soldiers are trained in the use of gunpowder weapons, most cannot even afford their own weaponry. The successive Regents have prepared the small nation well for a small-scale invasion, but an attack on this scale will destroy the nation.

The current Chancellor Grodenmar considers himself a _patriot_ for his radical so-called _pacifist_ views.

Ironwatch Doctrine[edit | edit source]

The Ironwatch Doctrine is also referred to as the path less chosen. If anyone wishes to take their nation down the path of fortification and defensive might, they turn to The Ironwatch Doctrine. The Ironwatch Doctrine is bnased on strategies and tactics that strengthen and support the troops with defensive systems, allowing the skilled users to hold the line in any situation.

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