Izlenteft War

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The Izlenteft War, also known ominously as the First Izlenteft War, and popularly as Gluckzen's Disaster, was a failed Dwaerkar invasion of Borost:Chztulhand that began in +523. It was fought between the Dwaerkar and the Chtzul for control of the Izlenteft mountains.

The Dwaerkar were led by Borost:Telis Gluckzen, who retired to the solitude of a monastery following his dismal campaign.

The war was a dismal failure for the Dwaerkar. While crossing the Izlenteft mountains, the border between the Dwaerkar freeholds and Chtzulhand, over 20,000 Dwaer perished from avalanches, cold, disease, or commando Chtzul attacks. A further 40,000 perished as the invasion army advanced into the barren wasteland of the Great Chiefdom, primarily from adverse conditions. By early +527, more than 80,000 Dwaer had lost their lives in the effort, and Gluckzen's army was forced to retreat.

Although a formal peace was never signed, bellicose actions ended with the retreat of the destroyed Dwaerkar armies in late +527, four years after the invasion began. However, Gluckzen's Peace, an informal truce signed by the defeated Dwaerkar army and the victorious Chiefs, remains in effect. The only terms of this peace were (i) that the status quo be maintained, and (ii) that the Dwaerkar armies would vacate the chiefdom immediately.