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Kappas are a species of elusive turtle-like humanoid native to the lakes and rivers of Khiiratsuna.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Kappas resemble humanoid turtles, with bodies covered in green scales and torsos protected by a tough, armored shell which resembles tree bark. Their most distinct trait is the hollow hole on the top of their heads which they fill with water from their home river, and as long as they retain this water, they never require any drink. Should a Kappa's hole be emptied (which can only be done by forcefully turning their heads down, or purposely by the creature itself), it will quickly dehydrate if not refilled.

Society[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Kappas live in small communities near bodies of water in Khiiratsuna, preferring to inhabit areas where woodland is present. They are notorious tricksters and enjoy playing pranks on outsiders, but these are generally harmless, as Kappas dislike actual violence. They are also very fond of tea, and offering them some is an easy way of befriending them.

Religion[edit | edit source]

The patron of the Kappas is Kami, one of the mighty forces of nature, who is said to have created them. Kappas honour the Old Turtle by gathering leaves and allowing them to flow through their home rivers, as they believe they will eventually reach the sea, where Kami may eat them.

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Kappas are content to share their land with other creatures as long as they do not threaten them. Due to their mischievous nature, any race neighbouring a Kappa community is bound to be at the blunt of their jokes on a semi-regular basis. Kappas are known to have a friendly, yet mischievous relationship with Nymphs who live near their homes, often playing pranks on them.

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