Kelian picture

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
The likeness of Kel is a dominant motif in the architecture of the Dwaerkar.

The Kelian picture is a term in Dwaerkar academia to define the belief that the ultimate goal and purpose of life is the imitation and service of Kel.

Rivalry with the Kuuldent dictum[edit | edit source]

Many in scientific and theological circles believe that the Kelian picture and the Kuuldent dictum are incompatible, and are fundamentally at odds.

Defenders of the Kelian picture include many notable theologians, the likes of Professor Dalt Luuge and Professor Borost:Moras Gleckstett.

Kelian-Kuuldent compatibilism[edit | edit source]

Professor Brockt Kuuldent himself argues that the Kelian picture is compatible with the Kuuldent dictum, but remains agnostic as to whether the Kelian picture is valid.