Keris Ÿzerhand

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Keris Ÿzerhand
The Father
File:Keris the Father, Official Portait.jpg
Official portait of Keris, the Father.
Biographical Information
Chief of Ouwestad
PredecessorLodar Ÿzerhand
HeirRundrick Ÿzerhand
Other Titles
Born21, First Seed, +491
Ouwestad, Tielsland
FatherLodar Ÿzerhand
File:Sigil of House Ÿzerhand of Ouwestad.png

Keris Ÿzerhand, also known as Keris the Father, is the Chief of Ouwestad and the leader of Clan Ÿzerhand. Chief Ÿzerhand is widely known for his pivotal role in the implementation of the Fatherhood, his fervent devotion to Kel, and his role as the most powerful chief of Ouwestad to date. He is considered to be the most influential of the living Dwaerkar.

Chief Ÿzerhand was born the third son of the previous chief, Borost:Lodar Ÿzerhand. However, following the Attack on the Golden Tower, which resulted in the death of his older siblings, Keris became the heir apparent and eventually succeeded his father at the age of 23. Keris has then continued to be the ruler of Ouwestad.

The annexation of Terbrug into the Tielsland freehold, the founding of the Borost:Moot, and the capture and execution of Cylian Lynwyd have become recognized as the great achievements of Ÿzerhand's rule.

Chief Ÿzerhand developed a new understanding of the Fatherhood. In his interpretation, Kel desires the welfare of the pitiful Borostím. The Dwaerkar, then, must be the munificent stewards of his will, educating the elves and instructing them in the righteous religion and the ways of civilization. For his paternal affection of the elven population, he has received the title of Father.

Restricted[edit | edit source]

It is secretly known that Keris has never forgiven the Borostim people for the atrocity of the Attack on the Golden Tower. His warm-hearted approach to the Fatherhood is a guise, a mirage, while he diverts most of its funds toward the Sons of Kel to sponsor their terrorist activities.