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They live in the north, beyond where green turns to grey and grey turns to white. They are born of the ice and the earth of the ancient world, existing long before us and have lived so far from the reaches of the world that they continue to exist. They can only be described as ancient, more ancient than ancient can describe...
โ€” Unknown

The Khastai a race of humanoids indigenous to the far northern reaches of the world. Explorers and archaeologists agree that the Khastai are a tribal culture that has existed long before the beginning of written history, and are one of the few (if not the only) isolated cultures left that have remained unchanged since ancient times. Though they still practice basic agriculture and retain practices of lithic technology and use of raw materials, the Khastai are a race of preternatural fortitude.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Khastai are relatively short humanoids, standing between 1.40 and 1.70 metres tall. Whilst they possess facial features not too far removed from that of elves, Khastai have dark blue skin with little variation that occasionally show black striped patterns, with eyes that vary between deep red and black. Khastai hair is very thick, almost woollen in texture that rarely varies outside of shades of black also. As carnivores, Khastai have considerably developed canines and nails on both their fingers and toes that are likened to that of beastfolk. Even in the harshest of cold weathers, Khastai have nigh-supernatural durability to the weather and can traverse long distances for days on end. There is no account as to how long Khastai live for.