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Khiaddia is the Dalmiric chief goddess of death. As one of the keepers of the dead, Khiaddia oversees the worthy souls of her followers in her abode of Nuyah. Her husband is Shuwah.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Khiaddia resembles an adult woman of either Dalmiric or Taeleni appearance dependent upon the region, dressed in a crimson silken robe that adorns her body. As the colour black is resemblance of immortality in Dalmiric and Taeleni culture, Khiaddia is often represented with black skin. She is often depicted wearing a face mask made of bone, and a raven is frequently perched on her left shoulder. The raven's name is usually rendered as Nihaam, who is a messenger to Khiaddia.

History[edit | edit source]

Dalmiric legends entail that Khiaddia, Shuwah, Shazun and Tawinuz were the first four humanoids to have walked the surface of Telamon, and in turn all humanoids are said to have descended from them. Khiaddia and Shuwah, wife and husband, became keepers of the dead after entering the service of Dominus Mortis, whilst Shazun and Tawinuz overlooked the living world. With Shuwah, Khiaddia sired Yinnatta and Sidhannit, the god and goddess of war respectively. Alongside Yinatta's wife Nuddiatti, the five Under Gods of the Dalmiric pantheon live in Nuyah.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Nuyah is the Dalmiric underworld, which also serves as the abode of the other Under Gods as well as the souls of the virtuous in Dalmiric religion. Nuyah is a serene autumnal realm of crimson trees bathed in sunlight, with numerous marble cities. The divine residence of the Under Gods sits atop a cliffside at the summit of the realm, overlooking the vast and lush forests underneath.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Khiaddia, much like the rest of the Dalmiric gods is depicted as a benevolent and motherly deity, and it is often noted that those devoted to the Dalmiric religion, especially their death cults, are not afraid of death as a result. Khiaddia evidently favours those who were virtuous in life, and turns away those who are not - forcing them to traverse the wastes of Irkalla. She is however merciful, and often hears out the pleas of the otherwise unlucky souls.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Khiaddia is regarded as one of the eldest and most revered deities of the Dalmiric pantheon, and it is known that those in Nuyah and the gods that reside on Telamon respect and fear her presence. Like the rest of the keepers of the dead, demon lords like Tlahvaratlam and Analuhati are anathema to Khiaddia's purpose and only wishes destruction upon them. With her association with the raven, it is thought that she and Horskr are known to each other.

Cult of Khiaddia[edit | edit source]

As the goddess of death, Khiaddia is one of the most important deities of the Dalmiric religion. She and Shuwah are depicted in idolatry in Dalmiric and Taeleni funerals, and the dead are often buried or cremated with figurines of her. Unlike most deities of the pantheon, Khiaddia has a festival per season, and in more rural Dalmira and Taelen, idols of her are often paraded in veneration of her. Sacrifice, animal or human is detested by Khiaddia's priests, and her temples are often flourishing with flora.

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