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Kinmorunddraver is the lone god of time. His symbol is an hourglass.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kinmorunddraver assumes innumerable forms throughout religious iconography and historical account - the most ancient description of Kinmorunddraver's appearance is that of an entity composed of solid matter vaguely in avian form. He is typically posed with hourglasses, sundials or in more modern cases clocks concerning iconography. Many more modern depictions of Kinmorunddraver tend to be that of no distinct race, most often the indigenous local culture that these centres of worship are located. He is typically shrouded in golden robes.

History[edit | edit source]

Creation myths regarding Kinmorunddraver as the god of time tend to be dubious at best and heretical at worst - some believe that from Kinmorunddraver all deities came to be, and that all dominions of the Firmament were separated by his will, giving birth to matter and magic. Others say Kinmorunddraver was a deity formed from the blood of the old gods as an arbiter of metaphysical judgement, impartial to all debates and wars so that the very integrity of the Firmament was maintained. Most deities and theological scholars maintain the fact that Kinmorunddraver was not a part of the battle against Varagarash Narahil, and offered no hand in turning the tide against either side. Some others attest that Kinmorunddraver is the upholder of the divine law.

Realm[edit | edit source]

To some, Kinmorunddraver is the embodiment or a guardian of the formless Chaos, said to exist at the very centre of the Firmament. From Chaos it is said that primordial matter of the universe springs forth like a wellspring, and within Chaos time has no linearity. Within this realm, Kinmorunddraver is said to simultaneously observe every extant probability of the Firmament, past, present and future. Deities are known to spend their time in this realm as neutral ground, although the aggressive nature of the demon lords suggest that Kinmorunddraver forbids them entry lest they desecrate his realm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kinmorunddraver is thought of as a deity as complex as his spheres - some believe that his omniscient nature is what provides his neutrality towards existence. As he is believed to uphold the divine law, Kinmorunddraver takes no part in the wars against the gods and only maintains the primordial stability of the universe. Despite his outwardly cold nature, it is claimed that Kinmorunddraver has an interest and is charmed by the mortals of Telamon for their ingenuity and diversity despite their infinitesimally short lives.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Keeping a neutral stance between most deities, Kinmorunddraver is only a vague acquaintance to even the most ancient and respected deities to the Firmament. It is thought that he is at least on cordial terms with Skasdrumri and Dominus Mortis in their roles in the course of existence, and is closely associated with Infinitum in some of the most ancient magical thoughts known to mortals. Deities that wish to harm the fundamental laws of mortal existence, including Varagarash Narahil, Drascasur and Analuhati are regarded as anathema to Kinmorunddraver's spheres, although he does not consider himself an enemy to them. Kinmorunddraver's true enemy is said to be the even more enigmatic Formless Ennead, deities beyond Kinmorunddraver's perception and reach.

Cult of Kinmorunddraver[edit | edit source]

Worship of time is an ancient and dying concept in Telamon. Oracular wizards of an extremely peculiar nature are considered worshippers of Kinmorunddraver, who are said to predict the future of those who come to them. It is said that some deities themselves are believers or at least upholders of the spheres of Kinmorunddraver, as time is said to be a commodity of theirs.

Clergy[edit | edit source]

The Ministarium of Epochs comprise the largest quantity of Kinmrounddraver's followers. A highly esoteric and enigmatic cult of mages that base themselves in the peripheral reaches of Telamon, the Ministarium is said to interpret some of the deepest and most dangerous magics in existence. They are also said to play hands in the course of mortal affairs every once in a while as to steer existence against outright annihilation. The very observation of measurements of time are said to be tributes to Kinmorunddraver.

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