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The Kobolds[edit | edit source]

Kobolds are a particularly prevalent form of Faux People. They are a convergence of bipedal raptors who were pressured into faemorphs and then began to adopt Mock Village tendencies.

Nominally burrowing and considered dull witted by humans and especially elves. They are noted to be cursed with a near complete lack of ability to manipulate Magic. They do, however, produce large quantities of Spirit in their environment.

This trait is an adaptation to favor their strategy of closely associating themselves with Dragons, actively seeking out the eggs and culturally revering them. This combination of factors has lead to a highly successfully and extremely populous species.

Social Behavior[edit | edit source]

Kobolds cannot tell each other apart. Kobolds cannot tell anyone apart from anyone else without extremely overt visual and auditory differences.

Kobold culture has adapted and grown with this limitation.

A Kobold parent does not really know how to tell the difference between their offspring from any similarly aged Kobold.

Kobolds have many names, family names, individual names and activity names.

Individual names are intimate and it is considered rude to prompt others with individual names as it locks in the interaction to be explicitly between two individuals. Family names are functional and they are used to rally family members and children to appropriate family groups or if there is no other situational name available. Activity names or work names are ephemeral, any kobold could be using an activity name depending on situation.

A Kobold walking onto a dock may have a conversation like this.

—"Hello Kobold! I am a Fisher!"

—"Hello Fisher I am a Fisher as well!... We were fishers together yesterday?"

—"Do you remember when we fishers caught the big cat fish and fisher was covered in fish guts?"

—"I do remember that!"

—"We were Fishers together!"

As a result of this Kobolds are initially very friendly to most everything. They can hold grudges and become turned off to an individual (or at least their gross physical appearance/distinguishing traits) but they are also easy to prompt into forgiveness, or able to be convinced you are a new individual with a change of clothes and some grooming.

Memory[edit | edit source]

Kobolds cannot remember things in a self narrative. If talking about a group of kobolds they were a part of doing something in the past a kobold does not necessarily know specifically which kobold they were. They do remember events and they can understand what skills they can do and what skills they cannot. They remember specific events fine but the identity of who did what precisely is very vague until a process of elimination has been used to single themselves out.

Kobold memory however is nearly perfect for environments. A Kobold will remember every single object hidden or otherwise in their homes, they can recall the exact route through a labyrinth and where every trap/object they personally placed, saw placed or are told about is in exact dead reckoning.

This trait makes them extremely cunning with trap and defensive constructions and very good at hunting, tracking, gathering and farming.

They are also incredibly good at conveying exact positions as scouts to other kobolds which allows them to convey information needed for raids, ambushes or infiltration.

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