Last Charge of Alenreic

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Himlore Palladere Kllegenden, Commander of Alenreic.jpg
Commander Borost:Himlore Palladere Kllegenden leads the Last Charge of the soldiers of Alenreic, which signaled the end of the High Kingdom.

The Last Charge of Alenreic, also known as Kllegenden's Charge, was a military event that occurred during the final stages of the Siege of Sallent. It represented the end of Ythred's War, and the demise of the kingdom of Alenreic.

As the city was gradually flooded by the Dwaerkar and allied host, and the defenders were overpowered throughout the city, the Dawn Division, led by Borost:Himlore Palladere Kllegenden, mounted a gallant yet doomed last stand at the Palace of Sallent.

When the end was apparent, and nothing could be done to stay the Dwaerkar forces, Commander Kllegenden saddled the horses and mustered her men, and ordered the gates of the citadel to be opened. Five-hundred Knights of the Dawn charged at the Dwaerkar besiegers, causing great carnage until they were slaughtered to the last man.

Kllegenden's Charge first met the Dwaerkar engineers around the citadel, who were obviously caught at unawares as the defenders sallied forth against impossible odds. The Dawn knights, clad in full plate and with lances and swords, caused great slaughter amidst the mostly unarmored Dwaerkar companies. However, reinforcements were rapidly sent in and the charge was thwarted by massed amounts of Dwaerkar fusiliers.

After the charge, the Dwaerkar, in an act of great chivalry and nobility, as well as respect, buried the bodies of the five-hundred outside of Sallent, and erected a small monument to the courage and honor of Himlore Kllegenden.