Lost Land (Borost)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Dwaerkar arrival in Borost.jpg
The Dwaerkar believe to have arrived in Borost from the sea in a fleet akin to this one. Ever since the Voyage of the Forerunners, Dwaerkar lore holds that Kel has prohibited the Dwaerkar from sailing ever again.

The Lost Land, also known as the Ancestral Homeland, the Origin, the Nexus, and a myriad of other names, is a possibly fictitious landmass to the east of Borost, across the Sea of Marlond. In general Dwaerkar lore, it is considered to be the location of the genesis of that race.

The Lost Land is not to be confused with the pretentiously-named Homeland, which is the area in Borost first settled by the Dwaerkar upon their arrival.

The Lost Land was supposedly used as a bet but then lost in a gambling game against the Dragons.