Lothaine Llorevas

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Lothaine Llorevas, Field Marshal of Alenreic.jpg
Field Marshal Llorevas, the Sword of Sallent.

Field Marshal Lothaine Morrend Llorevas was a legendary human soldier and field marshal of Old Alenreic, who famously fought in a heroic yet doomed defence of his home.

A native of Sallent, Lothaine Llorevas was born the scion of a wealthy and aristocratic family. Throughout his patrician upbringing, Lothaine was educated in the ways of warfare -- in particular, he developed refined skills in swordsmanship. A career officer, he rose from the rank of Commander to the rank of Field Marshal immediately before the outbreak of Ythred's War.

In modern times, Field Marshal Llorevas is the subject of numerous folktales and legends, including the Borost:Song of the Llorevai, an epic poem that romanticizes his family's doomed effort to save their home and their people.