Lyrical:Forgers of the Future (2009)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

This article contains elements authored by NimoStar.  

My late illness prompts me to ask:
What is the past?
What is the future tense that waits beyond the madness?
Is it the dark?
Or is it something besides darkness?
Whatever we’re thinking reminds of the sadness
A sadness (or wrath) that prompts us to reveal
What others have tried to conceal:

It’s not just a severing sentence what you fear;
It is behind a curtain of steel:
There are silver metal mans[1]
Machine people that have no tinker remnants
With copper cables that go beyond the sight of mortals

They have eyes of crystal glasses,
To observe the oppressed masses
Silicon brains that have no restraint
For plotting plans of thought without end.

They make the boundaries of the tent
Tainting the land of their endless realm
Dreaming the dreams of other regrets
They do not have; ours is the rest.
How ironic,
The rest without rest:
We work day and night,
Tireless night and day,
For the invisible masters hidden from the vents
Hidden from the sight of those who pay their rents
Yet, there is reason for contentment
Things that they can’t take away
The grey world of machines may belong to them
But the abundant world of men
Is where they never went.

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  1. Lyrical license to rhyme with "remnants".