Lyrical:Something (2009)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

This article contains elements authored by NimoStar.  

For those of you who understand of foreign languages
I showcase here an exception;
Not as fate, but not in vain.
I swear (again, to her) that nothing here is a deception
Or a theft.

At least, that's what both of us want to think
And what want the other to believe.
But we do not think that.
Because we don't believe.

It's just that my words happen to be
Tainted by the time of truths and lies;
Of never ending hope and near-eternal fear.

You said (I love you)
I said (me too)
We said (we love each other)
They said (that it was not true)

Once upon a space
That was nowhere to be found
Your heart was on reverse
And words were not as bound (to void).

Nothingness and cold
And angst
And no
And whatever we feel
(I'm almost sure) was all a hoax.

Writings of...
My Name (today)
Your Name (yesterday)
Our Name (someday)
The Name (forever)

Life and light trough the meaningless universes!
Void and death seemingly lost in the stars!
Oh, how can sight know what evenings distillates
All from one and the good from the mad?

This self-fulfilling prophecy
Of night and faith and dreams of mars.

Clarifications[edit | edit source]

The poeam seems to end abruptly after the additional verse "What". It was probably unfinished.