Madiiraxen Sunbane

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Don't you understand, brother? I am made to rule... and I will rule.
โ€” Madiiraxen's final words to Eldaerenth before her exile

Madiiraxen Sunbane is the Arch-Mistress of Dharlarin, ruler of Mirseleth and first of the Dark Elves. A figure of untold ambition, she betrayed her people in hopes of gaining control over their nation, before bring brought down and exiled in Scaurai, only to get back up and create a new kingdom of her own liking. Twisted and evil beyond redemption, her goal in life is to create an empire spanning the world over, with the Mirselen ruling over all elves, and to live forever as the opulent queen of all Telamon.

History[edit | edit source]

The elven princess Madiiraxen Sunray was born in Aurseleth at 1465 3E. While she appeared fair and innocent to the common folk, she was in fact deeply envious of her older brother, Eldaerenth Sunray, who was chosen to be the crown-prince over her due to his great feats of skill and heroism. This led Madiiraxen to seek a number of sympathizers in an attempt to overthrow the rest of the royal family and take the throne for herself, though she was eventually discovered and a brief civil war ensued, leading her to be soundly defeated by Eldaerenth. As he was unwilling to kill his own sister, misguided as she may have been, he instead chose to exile her and her followers away to the land of Scaurai.

Rather than admit defeat, Madiiraxen and her exiled kin chose to settle into these new lands; if they could not take the elven nation for themselves, then they would make one of their own to suit their interests. Naming themselves the Mirselen and indulging in heinous acts for the sake of more power, these elves would become known as the Mirselen after gaining power over blood magic and dark druidism, and pledging themselves to a new pantheon of malign gods led by the terrible Sethneas. Over the next millenia, the Dark Elves became one of the most feared races of the far east, terrorizing ships passing through the nearby seas and enslaving other populations whenever the opportunity arose, with Madiiraxen at the head of it all.

Features[edit | edit source]

Madiiraxen is a tall and gorgeous Dark Elf woman with fair pale skin, raven black hair and alluring, yet fearsome red eyes. Her beauty is legendary, with many describing her as jaw-dropping in appearance, and her mere touch is enough to send men and women alike into ecstasy, which is helped by the fact her casual royal attire is limited to a platinum crown, undergarments made of see-through silk and a cape etched with magical runes. In serious occasions, however, she summons a grandiose set of robes which shroud her in an aura of darkness which sends lesser beings running in fear. She carries the artifact known as the Rod of Bloody Murder, a magical staff able to manipulate incredible amounts of magic in order to cast spells powerful enough to erase entire regiments from a battlefield. She is known to periodically perform a ritual in where she bathes in the blood of innocent slaves, which heals any of her wounds and is said to be the reason behind her youthful and beautiful appearance.

Madiiraxen is an ambitious, hedonistic and selfish individual, believing the world exists to be ruled by her and that all who stand before her are misguided at best and deserving of a fate worse than death at worst. While she serves as a role model for her people, who based much of their behaviour after her own, she is noted to not partake in mindless cruelty as much as her servants, and indeed, is known to handsomely reward those who show loyalty and respect. However, she is intolerant to failure, and in most cases, those who displease her are reduced to slaves or killed on the spot, depending of her mood.

Madiiraxen's mount is a hydra named Keggaikua of the Seven Dooms, the largest and most powerful of its kind in Mirseleth, who is enhanced by all forms of dark magic.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Roraul Sunbane - Madiiraxen's loyal consort, who takes care of political affairs when she is either too busy or cannot be bothered to do it herself. He has proven capable of satisfying his queen, and as such has lasted remarkably longer than his predecessors.
    • Cirsis Duskmoon - One of Madiiraxen's closest confidants, Cirsis' terrifying combat prowess has earned her the favour of her Arch-Mistress.
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
    • Eldaerenth Sunray - Madiiraxen's envy towards Eldaerenth is what caused the rise of the Dark Elves. However, she is mostly content with leaving him and his people alone for the time being.

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