Magisterium (Borost)

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The Magisterium is the highest council of the Faith of Kel. It is comprised of 99 distinguished priests and theologians selected by the Magisterium itself, with the remaining seat -- that of High Magister -- being permanently reserved for Borost:Ouwe's successor.

Composition[edit | edit source]

High Magister[edit | edit source]

The High Magister is a seat reserved for the successor of Saint Ouwe the Founder. As the chair of the Magisterium, the High Magister could be considered the highest authority in all of the Faith of Kel in matters concerning the faith as well as the divine will.

As the Magisterium currently recognizes no successor of Ouwe, following the demise of Clan Ouwegund and Clan Ÿphergund in succession, the seat has been vacated since the death of Molgart Ÿphergund in +453. Clan Ythred lobbied to claim the Borost:Mantle of Ouwe, although their efforts were unsuccessful. Currently, Clan Ÿzerhand and a myriad of other clans (primarily based in Tielsland) contest the Mantle of Ouwe, although the Magisterium has not recognized a successor of Ouwe since +453.

Magisters[edit | edit source]

The Magisters are the other 99 members of the Magisterium.

Responsibilities[edit | edit source]