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Tale of the beginning and the end

“From the great Aether's tears, the ocean of the universe flowed. Gods spawned from its cosmic waters, basking upon the Firmament around them.

Primordial energies became planes. Stones became worlds. Soil flourished with life. The first immortal lords of Telamon, the heart of the Firmament, reigned.

But the worm, eldest of elders, grew envious. It wished to reign over all. It struck at the Aether, and shattered the Firmament in its wake.

A cataclysmic war raged. The immortal lords either wiped out, or degenerated into lesser beings. History itself is lost. A great gap.

Today, the mortal inheritors of Telamon attempt to secure their existences. Men. Elves. Dwarves. Children of the lost immortal lords, and uncountable others lifeforms.

The worm lies caged, yet it thrashes about. From within its prison, it plots, schemes, hates.

It will return.”

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Shadow Under Innsheim

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