Metacreatures of Zzsh

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

Metacreatures develop from multiversal principles, in this case of the Zzsh Metasphere. They aren't biological - rather, they arise as the consequences of rules inherent to this particular multiverse. Other than the Ancients and Ur-Demons, these are some known Metacreatures of Zzsh:

  • Pseudaemons
    These metacreatures are the dynamic opposite of Ur-Demons. Arising in the Zahir, they are beings devoid of intellect and reason, driven by pure instinct and incapable of abstract thought. Sometimes used as tools by Ur-Daemons, they can be made into any shape (often in the form of local animals, normal-sized or otherwise) when breaching into a Sub-Verse. If taken roughly, they seem to be made with vibrant colors and a plastiline-like constitution. Pseudaemons, like Ancients and Ur-Demons, don't truly "die" when destroyed in a material shape in a Sub-Verse. They simply return to the Zahir, in their case, forgetting everything save a transient, hazy dream of their wordly existance. In the Zahir they exist in literally countless number (countless because it may be one, or any other quantity, undefinedly).
  • Eternals
    Eternals are beings without creation, the polar opposite of Ancients. Their principle lies in the Nadir, yet they are "Hidden" from the Ancient's sight there, since they inhabit the polar oppossite and can't exist where Ancients create. It is in the linear time of the Sub-Verses where they are given entity, where Sub-Verses once inhabited by Avatars of the Ancient become barren, abandonate and perhaps desperate. Eternals are the negative side of ghosts: Instead of beign a spirit of the dead that retains their identity, they are the remnant of the living who lost it. These metacreatures are relentlessly resentful against any incursion of the Ancients, since the ironically linear perception of time by the Eternals (a side effect for being manifested from mortals) will indicate them it is "too late" to regain their former identities. And even then, they are right, since the formation of Eternals is a symptom of what was arguably forgotten forever (see the Archivezzsh).
  • World Daemons
    Their status as a metacreature is debated, since, even if a manifestation of multiversal principles, World Daemons only exist inside of Sub-Verses... and define them. These are creatures that represent and embody the qualities of the world, often in the form of great monsters. Every sub-verse will have one to five, or even more World Daemons. Even seeing these creatures may be maddening for mortals, since they risk to return to their constituent elements and principles. Facing them for people originating on their same world is fruitless and often unthinkable. Fortunately for the universes they are in (that is to say, every universe in the Zzsh Metasphere), World Daemons are most often sealed, for example either deep underground or far off in outer space - depending on the nature of the world in question. Should one or several World Daemons escape from their prison, Avatars of the Ancients would have to face them and seal them again to preserve the Sub-Verse from the dangers of dissolution. World Daemons, however, should *not* be destroyed - which would be extremely hard, even for an Ancient or Ur-Demon, because they generally are unable to break the rules of the world they are in. The destruction of a World Daemon will radically alter, if it doesn't rip apart, the entire Sub-Verse, by suddenly -and most often catastrophically- modifying its underlying parameters. It is quite possible, for example, a World Daemon represents the entire Occult dimension of a world, for example, resulting in everything occult rapidly disappearing or becoming inert. That by itself may destroy cities mantained floating by magic, continents prevented from sinking into lava by enchantments, inherently magical species that need it to survive, lead to ecological collapse due to the extinction of psychic and mystical species, enviromental catastrophe as a flat world on a turtle back can't physically work without Occult effects, and so on.

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