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This is the base text or texts that are used in this article (original here: Metamorphic Chimera by leodragonsworks):

This chimera is a human that have the skill to transform in this monster (it's able to speak and also have some use of the paws as hands).

He/she also have the skill to transform into any animal that is part of his/her body, controlling a little the size in function of his/her standard size. The weakest chimera have only two animal parts (for example a big hare with dear horn), more animals are included more the chimera is recognized as powerful and influent in their coven. A chimera can growth new animal part with ageing or with specific event, usually traumatic or very stressful. The best and top are the five animals chimera, also called dragons, they are pretty rare and usually very old and wise. Two animals chimera are incredibly common, as three animals one; four animals chimera are unusual but not rare.

She is a four animal chimera: Flying fox, Komodo dragon, puma and common roe, her size is medium-big for chimeras (like a tiger).

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