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The Star People[edit | edit source]

One of perhaps the most confounding and tragic phenomena, Meteor Giants are magical beings, similar to humans in morphology but much larger, that are formed from the conjugations of Spirits (or Ghosts), solar wind and earthly life. This occurs under the same circumstances as polar auroras, hence another common name for meteor giants is Aurorals.

Meteor giants are akin to humans in many ways, except scaled upwards. Their bodies are many times the size, and their minds are much grander and expansive, though like humans they are largely devoid of knowledge or wisdom when they are first brought into the world. Their potential for magic is immense, but so to are their magical needs. Without being suffused with the unique mixture found over the poles, they will begin to wither away and die, much like a human denied food and water.

Mature meteor giants can be found in extremely inclined geosynchronous orbits, which allow them to maintain proper distance from the planet at low cost to themselves, while still bringing them over the poles often enough to allow survival. Few survive to maturity however, most either drifting too far from the planet and disappearing into the interplanetary void, or else crashing down onto the surface in a great fireball. In the modern era, much thought has been put into how one might artificially sustain a meteor giant that has fallen to the surface, both as a charity to them, and as way to extract some magical boon, but so far, such ideas are largely a pipe-dream.

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