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The Milegu is the absolute omniverse. It is the place where Everything and Nothing happens, simultaneously. Most of the Milegu is governed by the Paradoxes: where all possible and impossible things occur.

It includes all the possible and impossible multiverses within it. As a result of also harboring the impossibility, very complex Paradoxes arise. There are different varieties of Milegu according to its presence of paradoxes, since from within the Milegu it can be seen as almost free of paradoxes. The main "Milegum" are the 0-Milegu (zero-Milegu) that corresponds to a more or less stable reality (that is, it can be related with a certain linearity) and the ∞p-Milegu (infinite-paradoxes-milegu). What happens in ∞p-Milegu is the most absolute chaos and at the same time the most total calm (and neither of the two things and both at the same time and neither of the above and so on ...).

Leaving aside that there are infinite Planes, Dimensions, Universes and Realities separated each one from each other, and only from the previous description and the presence of infinite paradoxes we could deduce that the "History" in the Milegu is not unique but multiple: the global "Hitory" of the Milegu cannot be told on an absolute level. However, from within the Milegu, the species that exist in it do not see the ∞p-Milegu with all its complexity, but rather bits and pieces of it, so they can try to establish a chronology about the existence of the Milegu.

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