Mummies (Firmament)

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A mummy is a type of intelligent undead who is generally risen by a powerful curse and special funerary rites which grant them special abilities in death.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mummies resemble dried out and preserved corpses that walk. Most are covered in wrapping used in the funeral rites they received in life, and are devoid of any internal organs except for their brains.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Mummies retain their free will in death as well as their memories of their former lives, and most mummies lament their current condition as a curse, as they are unable to feel the pleasures they once did when they had living flesh.

The undead condition of a mummy grants them great resilience, and their lack of organs beyond brains allows them to endure blows which would cripple living beings. They can generally be destroyed by utterly destroying the brain - decapitation not being enough by itself -, though their cursed nature means they can be risen from the dead again should the proper precautions not be taken. Most mummies are potent necromancers and hold sway over a number of lesser skeletal servants. In the most extreme circumstances, mummies can also spread their curse to living beings by injecting their magic into them and forcing them through the same funerary rites that made them, though most mummies dislike doing so as they actively seek ways to reverse mummification as oppose to spread it, usually reserving such a fate to their most hated foes.

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